There are different mediums and technologies used.


You may prefer face-to-face counselling because:

  • You find it easier to build up a rapport with the other person present
  • There is a deeper understanding of what is being said
  • You would like to try a new environment


You may prefer online or telephone counselling because:

Computer keyboard represents online counselling options
  • You are very busy or can't make the same time every week.
  • Travelling to meet me is difficult
  • It is less expensive than face-to-face

Practical issues

As technology is used to communicate, that needs to be secure, any batteries need to have enough charge, you need to find a time and place that is quiet and private, and you need to be familiar enough with your chosen medium so you can focus on expressing yourself.


We use an app more secure and private than Skype. This is the closest option to face-to-face.


A good quality phone connection is helpful here so we can hear each other. We could respond immediately to what the other person just said.

Instant-Messaging ('IM')

If you have good typing skills and are used to messaging already, you might choose this medium. There is a slight time delay between exchanges here. We can use emojis and others ways of emphasising important words.


If you like writing, this might be the option you choose. You can write your email at a time that suits you and you also have time to re-read what you wrote and edit it before you send it. I will copy and paste what you wrote in between my responses so it feels more like a conversation.

What next?
Contact me to discuss your options or to make an appointment.

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