There are different mediums and technologies used.


You may prefer face-to-face counselling because:

  • You find it easier to build up a rapport with the other person present
  • There is a deeper understanding of what is being said
  • You feel you will be more relaxed in a new environment


You may prefer online counselling because:

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  • It is less expensive than face-to-face
  • Travelling is difficult for you
  • You live in a remote location
  • You don't like going out

Video, Voice/Telephone

As technology is used to communicate, that needs to be reliable, but on the other hand you are effectively talking with me in the moment.

Instant-Messaging ('IM')

If you have good typing skills and are used to messaging already, this is suitable for you.


You can write your email at a time that suits you and you also have time to re-read what you wrote and edit it before you send it.

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