What is Online Counselling?

Do you struggle, trying to balance home, work, the school run, shopping etc. whilst feeling that you need some time out to talk to a therapist? Would you find it difficult or even impossible to travel to a counselling session?

Have you ever considered that there is a solution to this problem?

The digital world offers several ways of communicating with a counsellor, thus providing a workaround.

I am qualified to offer counselling via the following media:

  • Video
  • Voice (Telephone)
  • Instant messaging
  • Email

Modern studies , e.g. "The Psychology of Cyberspace" (Suler, 1996), show that people form relationships effectively online - without ever having to meet in person. Since counselling hinges on forming a therapeutic relationship, provided the medium chosen is one that doesn't interfere too much through being obtrusive, your journey to a better future will proceed just the same.

Video Counselling

Although there are other platforms that are more secure, 'Skype counselling' is what this is often called. The obvious advantages are that you can see and hear the therapist in 'real-time' which is as near as possible to being in the same room, but without having to travel and interrupt your busy day.

Counselling via smartphone

The use of secure apps means you can even use a mobile phone for your online counselling sessions.

Telephone Counselling

You don't have to use a telephone - you can use a video application on a device, but with the camera not turned on if you like. Again, you are speaking with me in 'real-time' and so the relating is quite natural, after all, we have been using phones to talk to family, friends and those we work with for decades now, so this has become one of today's norms.

Instant Messaging

The multitude of well-known apps make instant messaging secure these days, and there is the advantage of portability, since smartphones are used. However, using a laptop makes typing faster if you want to get more responses in each session.

Counselling on your smartphone

I am available on many different platforms, so choose one you are familiar with so you don't have to focus on getting used to it and you can then concentrate on expressing yourself.

Using this medium also means you are effectively talking with me in 'real-time', so you can get instant responses to what you have said.

Email Counselling

If your busy schedule is one that changes almost constantly, perhaps email counselling is just the way forward for you? You can write an email whenever it suits you and send it when you have finished composing it. Then I will reply within two days and you can read my responses and mull over what we have both said until you are ready to write the next one.

This is particularly effective if you enjoy writing and can express the finer points well, and you do get to read your own thoughts a second time as I include them in my responses.

Feelgood image - somewhere quiet

This means you can have counselling anywhere - just find a place that is quiet and private!

It's good to talk

Whatever method you choose, if you want to improve your quality of life, just get in touch and see how much better you feel after a few sessions.