Issues that Counselling can Help You With

My professional experience gives me a sound working knowledge of several issues but mainly anxiety and relationship problems. They are often prevalent, and that is because if you have difficulties with your relationships, you will worry, and if you are worried about something, your relationships will suffer.

For example, if you and your partner frequently argue, you will almost certainly find yourself constantly worrying, overthinking, having disturbed sleep, being restless and maybe even having panic attacks.

Maybe you are being bullied at work but dare not stand up for yourself because of the threat to your employment, income, home and life.

Counselling helps free you from your mental health issues

On the other hand, it could be your behaviour that causes you concern. Maybe you are worried about losing your marriage, or perhaps you have difficulties maintaining other relationships.

Whilst living in anxiety long-term is debilitating, it is a biological means of self-preservation against a threatening situation: anxiety is the "fight-or-flight" reaction. When neither of those is an option, you might react another way - and freeze.

Each of these reactions comes about when there is a threat to life as you know it, and you are in survival mode. You will know what this means if you experience it because these reactions are lightning-fast and so overpowering.

"I'm not sure I have anxiety."

It's rarely just one type of issue you're facing, but several. Check out the symptoms of anxiety. Thinking about the past is linked to depression, and doubting yourself is a symptom of low self-esteem. Not being yourself makes you stressed out because you want things to change, which leads to anger issues as you are ready to react quickly. All of these will likely lead to relationship problems that are a blight on your life.

Irrespective of all this, some men are, for cultural reasons, poor at talking about troubles. We men have to stay strong whatever the circumstances, but being strong and yet sensitive to others is particularly hard. Here's a page about men's issues which explains why this is.