Online Counselling Offer

If you are looking for a way to share your troubles in privacy, and are self-isolating or staying at home due to social-distancing, I can offer various forms of online counselling.

Online counselling session

The offer?
Your first online session at half-price.

One of my qualifications is in online counselling, and I have experience of counselling via:

  • video
  • telephone
  • instant-messaging/text
  • email

But is it secure?

No system is 100% secure, but there are steps to ensure you take the maximum precautions, and some will already be doing these, so it's not hard to keep your counselling private online:

  • Use applications that have end-to-end encryption, e.g. WhatsApp, Facetime
  • Have a password to open your account if using a shared device
  • Keep your passwords secret
  • Find somewhere quiet and private to chat, or use email
  • Ensure your device has the latest security updates and anti-virus

How much does it cost?

There is a list of prices for the various mediums used in online counselling here, along with information on entering counselling

What does 'entering counselling' mean?

For me to work within the law in the UK I comply with GDPR and provide a privacy statement, which sets out everything I do with your data: how I collect it, how I store it (securely) and what it is used for etc.

There is a questionnaire so you can give me your contact details and GP's details etc in the event of emergencies, plus it helps if I get a rough idea of you family/ethnicity/age etc.

To work according to best professional standards, as set out in the BACP Ethical Framework, I provide a working agreement which sets out important things such as confidentiality and its legal limits, prices, about keeping appointments etc

There is more information on the link above.

How do I start?

It is a good idea if you are unsure about which medium to use to read through this page, and the page from the link above, then just send me a text or email (link at the top of the screen). That page also informs you about the various options available for you to complete the three forms mentioned above.

How long does this offer last?

The offer currently lasts until the end of June 2020, but will be updated here and on Google in time, depending on how things go.

Stay Safe!