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My work in an NHS Occupational Health setting and also in a local family support centre has given me experience of working with a range of issues, including workplace stress and domestic abuse, but I also have many years' experience of working in learning disabilities.

Mike Underwood Counsellor

Workplace Stress

In working environments that are under pressure you may bear the brunt of tensions between colleagues, or simply, it may be that problems in areas of personal life might impact on the relationships in the workplace.

It is not unusual to have anxiety if your job security is under threat.

I am used to helping people resolve these relationship difficulties and other issues so that you can get on better with others and less working days are lost.

Domestic Abuse

There are many different forms of abuse, and it is very common. Many people don't even know they are in an abusive relationship because physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, financial abuse and also neglect can seem normal, particularly if experienced over a long time or within the family home during childhood.

The nature of abusive relationships means that you may feel low self-esteem, depressed and anxious.

I have over three years' experience helping people recover from domestic abuse.

Learning Disabilities

Although there are laws to prevent discrimination and society is generally becoming more inclusive, there is a minority of people who are prejudiced against those less able than themselves.

I have over ten years' experience as a support worker and understand the harmful effects of discrimination. I offer clients the chance to discuss their feelings and find the strength to deal with this kind of behaviour from others.


  • Certificate in Counselling Studies
    2014, CPCAB
  • Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling
    2016, CPCAB
  • Diploma in Online Counselling (Credit)
    2017, OCST

My Story

I have almost always been a 'helping' person. I began helping others when a child, as my father had suffered a serious stroke and I supported him in many ways.

As the years rolled by, and I began working with other people, I noticed they often talked openly to me. Eventually, I realised I was a good listener and went on to complete my formal counselling training over five years.

Other people say that I am quiet, calm, and make them feel safe.

I see difficulties as the start of a learning experience, and rather than judge you, I respect you for your struggle to make things right in your life.

"To reach something good, it is useful to have gone astray."

Saint Teresa of Avila
(16th Century Christian Mystic)

I really love doing this work but understand fear of stigma can make coming to counselling seem rather daunting. I will do my best to make you feel at ease so that your experience of counselling with me is as relaxing as possible.

Mike Underwood Dip.Couns.

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