Contact Me

It can seem quite a challenging step to seek counselling help, but do not be afraid if that is the case. I will try to be understanding and put no pressure on you.

Your Privacy

I will only keep your contact details, text messages or emails for as long as I need them to in order to reply.

When contacting me it is a good idea to include your preferred method of contact - whether email, text or phonecall. This could be especially useful to you if you want to maintain privacy.

What Happens Next?

After you have contacted me, I will reply as soon as I can. This can take up to an hour as a rule. Once we have established how you want to meet (online or face-to-face) you can either have a brief chat on the phone, or just go straight to booking an appointment.

Send a Message

Either complete this form or phone/text me on 07458316765.

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In Emergencies

If you feel very distressed and want help immediately, please contact either:
The Samaritans (website / phone 116 123 / email or
your local doctor / NHS Crisis team.