What is the counselling process? A Therapist's Perspective

Life seems to call us on to be somebody by challenging us personally, and that can feel quite hard at times. One solution is to find things you do that work and do more of them.

Seeing the patterns in life helps you make sense of everything.

Seeing the patterns in life helps you make sense of everything.

I have a strong conviction that much of my personal history has been about realising I had talents I didn't know about. One of the main things about being a counsellor is being able to listen deeply to others, and I found that was one of mine.

I use my natural ability to listen deeply to you and your story. Just as I am the expert on my own life, you are the expert on yours', so I don't offer advice, nor judge you.

Some who come to counselling have struggled alone up to that point because they had not found anybody they could talk to in confidentiality. Working with me provides the opportunity they are looking for.

I hear a lot of people that come saying things like "I feel better now I have found someone I can talk to", so it must be a relief when a person realises they have found that "safe space" where they can talk freely and can trust in the process.

A Process

Counselling is a process, and usually takes time. It takes time to tell a story, and it takes time to reflect back on what you have said to reveal the things that matter, which helps make people more aware of themselves and better equipped to form healthy relationships with others.

An Integrative Framework

The counselling I provide is "integrative". This means that I have more than one way of seeing your experience of the world, and "everything is relevant".

Take, for example:

  • what matters most to you
  • the way you and your situation interact with each other
  • your relationships with others
  • the relationship you have with yourself

A holistic perspective integrates all of your experience to provide a bigger picture: one that is accurate and clear.

I believe that with my support we will be able to discover your hidden talents: those things that you have forgotten about, which will help you overcome uncomfortable feelings.

Feelgood image - Free as a Bird

"They will soar high on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary.
They will walk and not faint."

(Isaiah 40:31)

My ultimate hope is that you will learn enough in working with me to steer clear of troubles after leaving therapy.