Beginning Counselling

I offer a few different 'media', for your counselling, and you would need to choose which one.

Each medium used for counselling has it's own pros and cons, and here are some of them.


You may prefer face-to-face counselling because:

  • You prefer the 'here and now' presence of the other person
  • There is a deeper understanding of what is being said
  • You feel you will be more relaxed in a new environment
  • There is less scope for misunderstandings to arise, as in text or email
  • You find it easier to build up a rapport with the other person
  • You don't like using technology for communicating

We make an appointment, usually at the same time and weekday, and we meet in a private room in Hoyland or Barnsley, South Yorkshire.


You may prefer online counselling because:

keyboard illustration
  • It is less expensive than face-to-face counselling
  • You don't need to travel anywhere
  • You might have mobility issues
  • You live in a remote location
  • You have difficulty getting childcare and so need to stay home
  • You don't like going out
  • You like writing/are comfortable with the technology

Video, Voice/Telephone

An appointment is made and we meet online using an application similar to Skype (or by telephone) for 50 minutes. You need to be online or available to meet at the appointed time, and technology is used to communicate so that needs to be reliable, but on the other hand you are effectively talking with me in the moment.

Instant-Messaging ('IM')

As above, we meet online, using an application similar to Skype for a given session length but for instant messaging it is important to have good typing skills else there is too much delay between each exchange.


No appointment is made but emails are sent back and forth. There isn't quite the same feeling of the other person being with you in the moment but on the other hand you can write your email at a time that suits you and you also have time to re-read what you said and edit it before you click 'send'. It is helpful in this medium to be able to express yourself in writing well otherwise misunderstandings are more likely to occur.

Initial Paperwork

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There are three small but essential documents to complete:

  1. A privacy statement - about how I use and store your personal data
  2. A questionnaire for my records
  3. A working agreement which sets out how we will work together

I will provide these via a secure login to your own private admin area of the website, where payments can also be made.

Payment needs to be made before we arrange sessions: by BACS, Paypal or credit/debit card.


There is a discount offered if paying in advance for four sessions or more and concessionary prices are available. Please get in touch if you want to know more.

Session Prices
Media 1 4+
Face-to-face £45 £40
Video/Telephone £40 £35
IM/Email £35 £30
PayPal Acceptance Mark

To Make an Enquiry

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