Anxiety Counselling Can Help You Stop Worrying

Anxiety Counselling is a way to help you stop worrying so you can stand firm in times of stress.

Maybe you’re looking for anxiety counselling because constant worrying seems to have taken over and you wrestle to get back in charge.

For example, you might have been suffering intrusive thoughts for some time and have a sense you are living in your head. Perhaps you are trapped in some situation that’s intolerable because you’re trying to avoid something that’s impossible.

You probably can’t stop overthinking if you have anxiety, and other behaviours impact you and also the important relationships in your life. How can you fight something you can’t see?

Symptoms of Anxiety

If you always believe you are worth less than others, you will become the person in the corner of the kitchen at parties. Maybe you are afraid to speak up for yourself or start conversations. You might see everyone’s smiling faces and success stories on social media and believe it’s only you that’s unhappy.

Needing counselling for anxiety

Dave’s Story: How He Found His Voice in Therapy

Dave (name changed) was a middle-aged married man who had worked in engineering since leaving school. He had always been a helpful person and never turned anyone down who was in need.

The trouble that brought him to contact me for anxiety counselling was that he had become anxious because a colleague had been taking advantage of his kind nature. The inner conflict that he found most difficult was that he couldn’t bring himself to say “no” when his friend asked for money.

I listened intently to his story without interrupting, allowing him to say what he had often thought but never shared with another person. He felt lighter from having unburdened himself, and after a few sessions, began to become more assertive.

Together, we looked at his helpful nature. It turned out he had to comply with his father’s demands as a child to be rewarded for his “good behaviour”. His father had been in the army and suffered PTSD from battle experience. As a result, he appeared controlling and Dave was frightened by his angry outbursts.

Saying “no” to anybody seemed scary and contrary to his core values. As he continued to direct the conversation, he realised how to get his own way without causing confrontation.

I helped him learn to express himself so he felt in control of his responses, and after a few months, he left therapy much happier. His self-esteem had improved, and he felt closer to his wife.

Give Yourself Credit for Reaching Out


I know that looking for help is hard. You might be afraid someone will make you tell them the secrets you’ve been hiding from others. You may not want your friends or family to know you’re looking for counselling because you don’t want to be judged or to be made to feel small. I understand that.

Despite any reservations you have, you are here now and personally, I believe that’s a sign that you are willing to make changes in your life. Well done! Just think how much better everything could be if you can put the past to rest.

Benefits of Counselling for Anxiety

All areas of your life should benefit from anxiety counselling.

If you persevere with the counselling, your mental and physical health should improve and you should find it easier to maintain healthy relationships too.

Soon you should start to think more clearly and feel better. You will begin to notice unwelcome things that had become normal receding. This is because self-awareness increases through talking about yourself in counselling. And do you know what? Living mindfully frees you from being trapped in reactivity.

In short, getting out of anxiety will change everything. Just think: what you want is within reach simply through effective therapy.

Photo by Jed Villejo on Unsplash