Find True Strength with a Christian Therapist

Want to enjoy a better quality of life and vibrant relationships?

I am a Christian therapist with a spiritual understanding of life’s dilemmas, working near Wath upon Dearne, Rotherham. With me, you could find healing, confidence and new strength to deal with challenging situations.

Perhaps life has thrown you a curve ball, and you have feelings of helplessness associated with something you have little or no control over. The resulting emotional reactions and relationship problems can leave you constantly stressed and worried.

Maybe you’re depressed and anxious, becoming fixated on the past and the future. As a result, you may miss out on living a life of abundance now.

It would be no surprise if you’re thinking, “What’s happened to me?”

A man drowning in loneliness - relationship therapy would help
We live in relationships, not isolation

But, whatever troubles you, I hope that by following the path of compassion, love, wisdom and truth, I can guide you to understand yourself through counselling. Subsequently, it would be natural for you to let go of the coping mechanisms and unhelpful habits that hold you back from being yourself and enjoying healthy relationships.

Many people have improved their lives by working with me.

Talk With a Male Counsellor

Are you looking for someone to talk to who would offer you understanding? Sometimes, the gender of the counsellor makes a difference in how comfortable you may be exploring your thoughts.

In the company of a male counsellor such as myself, most men will likely find it easier to talk openly. This can bring about compassionate understanding and improve the quality of life. Moreover, some women would also look for a man’s perspective.

Find Healing

As a Christian therapist, I have a spiritual perspective that focuses on becoming a whole person.

Healing is the process of becoming whole, and specifically, growing away from a fragmented mind towards complete self-awareness and inner harmony. Significantly, it’s the way to heal conflicts within yourself and in relationships; alternatively, you could say you made peace with yourself.

“Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding”

Proverbs 13:3

“Blessed” means blissed or in a state of grace. Therefore, the words imply that understanding doesn’t bring temporary happiness, as when you depend on something external but something everlasting.

Moreover, you should experience joy, contentment and better vitality now and in future when challenging situations occur.

Grow Resilient

If you take a moment to think about how the branch of a tree flexes in the wind but doesn’t break, you may understand that a flexible approach to life’s problems is helpful. A word I like to use for this type of strength is resilience

Random stuff happens in real life, and reacting is quite natural. Nonetheless, if this is seen as a fault in a person, you will likely dwell on it, making life terrible. However, I’ve discovered that it’s helpful to spring back quickly rather than dwell on the negatives.

Learn flexibility with the help of a counsellor and become resilient like a tree in the wind
Don’t snap; instead, be flexible

As a Christian counsellor, I focus entirely on seeing the goodness in you, and I encourage you to know that for yourself. I hope you will stop judging yourself and others, eliminate low self-esteem and, best of all, enjoy lasting peace.

Whether you have a religious faith or not, a Christian therapist should aim to help you grow more confident. This is essential if you have developed an unhealthy view of yourself. I’m here to discuss whatever you wish, including your beliefs.

With the right counsellor, you can put enough pieces of the picture together to remember your true identity and, therefore, forget the false, negative image of yourself you may currently have.

Regain Confidence

If you’re personally challenged, and your faith is being tested, perhaps some new learning and improved focus will free you from the snares of the adversary, your “inner critic”. People often discover a new strength they didn’t know they had, working with me.

You may be interested to read that I see your view of yourself and the world, including your spiritual beliefs, as entirely valid. So, fear not. I am here for you, not by focussing on feelings of shame around what you “should” do but by noticing what helps you be true to yourself.

Renew yourself in faith counselling
You are fearfully and wonderfully made

I believe it’s my job to listen as you state your goal and assist you in clarifying everything relevant to your journey. I hope to encourage you by walking part of the way with you so you learn to trust the still, quiet voice. This is called “the voice of good counsel” in the scriptures.

Improve Relationships

Do you suffer relationship problems, for example, constant bickering, saying hurtful things, not talking, or infidelity? If your partner isn’t interested in meeting a counsellor, or you identify that your behaviour is a problem, then I might be the person to talk to.

I have experience with what works, and so I support individual clients to improve their lives and relationships by letting go of hidden traumas.

Maybe you could deal with the emotional baggage that’s the real reason you’re easily triggered. Then, you can draw closer to your loved ones.

A couple walking together without relationship problems
Life’s better without relationship problems

If you’re stuck thinking there is no way out, going round and round, doing the same thing and thinking the same things, then get in touch now for a free consultation. Your well-being and mental health is my passion.

A BACP Registered Counsellor

The BACP is the best-known association for helping professions in the UK.

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy membership
Psychology Today verified seal

As a registered member, I adhere to their Ethical Framework, a set of guidelines designed to set professional standards. These include having regular clinical supervision and keeping my knowledge and skills current.

My Qualifications

It makes sense to check out someone’s qualifications if you’re considering contacting them for support with something personal.

My primary qualifications are three diplomas:

  • Therapeutic Counselling (CPCAB)
  • Gestalt Therapy (COE)
  • Online Therapy (OCST)

Work Experience

  • In 2001, a mental health helpline in Barnsley. Worked as a phone call taker.
  • In 2006, I began a job in learning disabilities. It’s helpful to see the person rather than the problem.
  • Three years as a counsellor in NHS occupational health.
  • Three years at Pathways Family Support in Barnsley.

I have worked in private practice here in Wath upon Dearne since 2018.

My Gift For You

In childhood, I thought I was the problem. For example, “he’s such a sensitive child”. However, now I find it’s a blessing because being sensitive to my feelings is how I listen to you. It’s how I empathise, and please remember, empathy makes you feel heard and understood as someone truly valuable.

As I grew older, I realised what my gift could do. Strangers shared their stories with me, for example:

“I don’t know why I’m telling you this, but… “

It’s as if people can somehow sense I will understand them well, and they’ll benefit from talking to me; I’m sure you would, too.

To make it easier for you to decide what to do next, I offer a free consultation so you can determine if you are comfortable with me as your therapist.

Some photos from Unsplash, the ‘Sea, mountains and light’ photo by John Malkin, and thanks to Glynne Lee for help writing.