Counselling for Anxiety and Anger Management to Help Upgrade Life

Counselling to reduce stress, make you more confident and get you back on track.

I provide counselling in Wath upon Dearne near Rotherham. I’m a male counsellor with over 20 years of experience in mental health, now helping people free themselves from the effects of extreme anxiety or anger issues.

Mike Underwood MBACP Therapist
Mike Underwood MBAPC

Perhaps you’re looking for counselling because something’s wrong that seems unfixable.

Typically, you react to some situations in unhelpful ways.

You may not feel like speaking up for yourself, so your needs don’t get met. Alternatively, you might act out the frustration of being misunderstood, upset others, and become isolated.

Problems seem to pile up, weighing you down.

You may experience a range of symptoms that impact your life. For example, your thinking becomes negative, and you start looking for someone or something to blame.

But, it’s impossible to be happy when your thinking is flawed. You may even convince yourself you’ll never get clear of your troubles.

But guess what, it IS possible to get better. 

For years now, I’ve been helping people gain understanding and live better lives. Clients who completed their therapy became more confident and content and improved their relationships.

A Counselling Perspective on Suffering

You may have hidden your distress from everyone, fearing judgement whilst desperately hoping for a miracle.

Alternatively, you might have tried counselling before but weren’t ready or you bought some self-help books that didn’t speak to you.

Self-help books don't always help

Unfortunately, the truth is that you have to suffer enough to keep going no matter what.

Powerful emotions such as anxiety or anger are natural ways to ready your body to fight or flee. But suppose your troubles are ongoing and beyond your control? In that case, you’d be permanently in survival mode and need relief fast.

Counselling for Anxiety – Calm Your Fears

You may experience some of the following symptoms.

  • Constant worrying
  • Poor sleep
  • Checking what you’ve said
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Being stressed out
  • Avoiding social situations
  • People-pleasing
  • Panic attacks

There are, however, many more anxiety symptoms than these.

You may have put on a brave face for some time whilst hoping things would improve naturally.

However, you know that merely coping with anxiety doesn’t work in the long run because it doesn’t deal with it properly. Talking to a counsellor is an effective way of dealing with anxiety and stress.

I know how fear of the social stigma around mental health problems stops you from seeking help, but you’ll feel much lighter once you start talking.

Through counselling, you could get the confidence to stop worrying about the future and enjoy today. You could think more clearly and sleep properly. There would be no compulsion to please others at your own expense because you would know you were enough as you are.

Anger Management – Stop Frustration Taking Over

If you have a problem with anger issues, you’ll probably find some of the following signs resonate for you.

  • Overreacting
  • Hurting those you love
  • Thinking everything’s wrong
  • Feeling irritable and resentful
  • Blaming
  • Addictive behaviour
  • Hypertension

I know from personal experience how lonely you can feel if you carry deep-seated anger.

Before you’ve had time to think, you’ve said things that hurt others’ feelings.

If only you could find a way to stop yourself before you cause more damage, it would give everyone time to heal. However, if your unresolved pain is left to fester, it will keep causing trouble, so you need to deal with it.

As you begin to find what you’re truly upset about and deal with it, you could learn how to spot your frustration before it tips you over the edge using the skills you will find in counselling. Then you could have more secure relationships.

Talking Therapy Helps You Feel Human Again

Most people don’t know how to give you their full attention. However, I’m a born listener and talking to me will soon start to make you feel human again. Believe it or not, telling your story quietens the fight-or-flight response and soothes your nervous system.

To help you, I use a well-established counselling approach that’s evidence-based and scientifically proven. It’s called Person-Centred Therapy, and it enables you to be less anxious because you lead the sessions, so you get back in charge of your life.

I mean, what use is the advice others offer you? How could anyone else possibly make choices for you?

I believe only you have the right.

It would be better if you had the clarity to see a way forward with difficult choices. However, heightened anxiety isn’t good for a clear head. Therefore, my job is to help you find better ways of dealing with your thoughts and emotions.

Eventually, you should be less stressed and find it easier to make up your mind

How would it be to have the confidence to say “no” without guilt and stay calm in situations that used to trigger you?  

Get happy through counselling

Imagine living without being crippled by stress and anxiety.

You want a qualified counsellor because you want your therapy to work. Why not take advantage of my years of counselling experience in a family support centre and NHS Occupational Health?

Wake Up and Improve Your Life

Effective counselling means waking up from the nightmare.

For example, you will probably notice feelings you learned to ignore. Essentially, this increased awareness helps you become more true to yourself. As a result, you become less habitual and more likely to make better choices.

  • Know that someone understands you for a change
  • Take as long as you like and talk about whatever you want
  • Speak in privacy and confidence
  • I won’t make you feel small by offering advice
  • Be in charge of your recovery

After all, it’s your life, and you’re reading this because you want to get yourself back on track.

Whether you need to stop and understand where you’re at, see how you got there, or want to move on now, it’s okay. I believe you know what’s best for you.

Free Consultation

You can have a free 30-minute consultation to help you decide whether to continue or not. During the consultation, I will answer any questions about your therapy. You could use either a video app, telephone, or see me in person – whichever you prefer.

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