Counselling for Mental Health & Well-Being

Effective, accessible talking therapy for when times are tough

Therapy near you - Mike Underwood

Hi, I’m Mike Underwood. I have a private counselling service near Wath upon Dearne town centre, near Rotherham. I offer affordable counselling for individual adults and have years of experience in mental health work.

Mental health for a happy life

It’s no wonder life’s a struggle if you’re trying to survive emotionally when all you want is peace of mind.

Maybe you worry about your mental health but don’t know who to talk to because friends and family may not understand or keep it confidential.

However, counselling has a positive impact because sharing your troubles really helps. You can discuss your concerns confidentially with a mental health professional and find the ways that suit you.

Stop overthinking through counselling

Stop Overthinking

Talk through problems instead and find a more effective way to process what’s bothering you.

Talking therapy to release your tension

Let Go of the Past

Heal traumas by exploring your triggers with someone who views you with compassion.

Give your inner critic a rest

Mend Relationships

See how an empathic approach can release you from worrying, frustration and isolation.

Accessible Counselling

If you’re looking for counselling and want to be sure it’s right for you before committing, I offer the first session as a free 30-minute chat. That way, you can discover what talking therapy is like without spending a single penny. Furthermore, I use a self-booking system, so making an appointment is easy and makes private counselling more accessible.

“I was surprised how quickly I got an appointment.”


Private counselling offers you a range of special features, and I can provide the following.

Experienced male counsellor: You might prefer to talk to a male therapist.

Therapy tailored to your needs: We focus on your particular concerns together.

Flexible hours, 9 am to 9 pm: See me when it’s convenient for you.

Book an appointment quickly: Avoid the distress caused by long waiting lists.

Affordable counselling: I’m confident my session fees are very reasonable.

Talking therapy online, by phone or face-to-face: You choose how we meet.

“Counselling changes lives.”


Choosing The Right Counselling

One factor in choosing the best counselling service for you is finding someone experienced in the issues affecting your mental health, so here are some of the issues I have helped with:

  • Depression
  • Bereavement
  • Men’s Issues
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


“Talking to you enabled me to get right into my centre.”


“I don’t know how it worked. I just feel loads better.”


“I have known Mike Underwood since his training days. He is an experienced, skilled, approachable, empathetic, and compassionate counsellor whom I highly recommend.”

Mr. D. Thompson, Bsc (Hons), DN, DNS, (RMN, RGN, EMDR practitioner, retired).

A Free Consultation

See how counselling would help you with your current situation without any obligation. Have a half-an-hour free chat or a full hour for just £20.

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