Private Counselling to Improve Mental Health

Effective talking therapy for your well-being in South Yorkshire

If you seek counselling and live near me in Rotherham, get in touch. I run a private therapy service in Wath upon Dearne and can offer you an immediate appointment.

Sharing your concerns should immediately make you feel lighter and reduce stress. What’s more, you could actually do something over a series of counselling sessions to permanently improve your mental health and quality of life. 

“I felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders.”


Finding suitable therapy is essential because you may need to explore situations you find personally challenging. Additionally, you want to be sure counselling will be effective before you commit your time and money.

Therefore, to make private counselling accessible, I offer a free consultation so you can see for yourself what a difference talking with me could make.

Therapy near you - Mike Underwood
Mike Underwood MBACP

Improve Your Mental Health

Mental health problems can appear when you remain in a difficult situation for a long time. Then, your natural life process gets interrupted, and coping patterns like constant worrying, angry outbursts or addictions become the norm.

You might find it hard because you’re unsure of yourself and overthink everything. Perhaps you have a negative view of yourself because you think you’re not good enough and don’t deserve the best things in life.

Eventually, you may believe you can’t cope and seek help with your mental health. However, if you could find someone to talk to in privacy and put your thoughts and feelings into words, you could understand yourself, get some clarity and find a way forward.

“Counselling changes lives.”


Come Back to You

Essentially, you are calm and confident when you are being yourself. Conversely, if you’re not yourself, it could be because you feel overwhelmed by anxiety, anger, or other intense emotions.

Confiding in someone like me would mean you could speak without the fear that you’ve burdened your friends and family with your issues. Furthermore, you would find it easier to be yourself because I am here to offer understanding, not to judge.

“I don’t know how it worked. I just feel loads better.”


Perhaps you would like to be more confident; then you could say “no” without guilt, stop trying to fit in with others and stay calm in situations that trigger you. Additionally, you may find healthier ways to express yourself and not be misunderstood.

Main Issues Dealt With

One factor in choosing the best service for you is finding someone experienced in the issues affecting your mental health, so here are my specialist areas:

You may find this blog post helpful: how to choose a counsellor.

Making Therapy Accessible

I hear of many counselling services where the building is inaccessible, there’s a long waiting list, or only a small number of sessions are available. I think this is just wrong, don’t you? However, I am glad to be able to offer a viable alternative.

“I was suprised how quickly I got an appointment.”


Firstly, my therapy room is on the ground floor of Wath Town Hall. Secondly, the building is mobility-friendly, having no stairs or threshold at the entrance, a large free car park and an easy-access toilet facility.

Additionally, my practice is conveniently located near Wath upon Dearne bus station. Geographically, it’s within easy reach of Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster, so it is central to South Yorkshire.

I offer:

  • Therapy tailored to your unique needs
  • Face-to-face, telephone or online therapy
  • Flexible hours: 9 am to 9 pm
  • Concessionary rates available
  • 60 or 90-minute sessions
  • Get an appointment fast
  • Unlimited number of sessions available
Accessible help for mental health
Accessible Mental Health Support

A private counselling service is accessible because you can get an appointment quickly. Therefore, you can avoid the prolonged distress caused by waiting to see someone by searching for private counselling and choosing the service that best fits your needs. Furthermore, you can choose who you want to work with on your journey to better mental health.

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Face-to-face or Online Sessions

Sessions are usually a full hour each.

MediaCost per hour

Payment options include cash, direct bank payment, bank card and PayPal.

PayPal accepted

Concessionary rates are available for retirees, students, NHS staff and holders of a Blue Light Card.


“After talking to you, I’ve found it much easier to open up and share my feelings with my partner.”


“Talking to you enabled me to get right into my centre.”


“I felt I could understand more about who I am and what my future expectations are.”


“I felt comfortable enough to dive deeper than ever before.”


“Things started to improve once I stopped thinking you were going to fix it for me.”


“I have known Mike Underwood since his training days. He is an experienced, skilled, approachable, empathetic, and compassionate counsellor whom I highly recommend.”

Mr. D. Thompson, Bsc (Hons), DN, DNS, (RMN, RGN, EMDR practitioner, retired).

Have a Free Consultation

Try a free consultation to see how you get on – as a half-hour session with no charge or a full hour for just £20.

  1. Choose 30 minutes or longer
  2. In-person, by phone or online
  3. View my booking diary
  4. And contact me

It’s that simple.

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