Counselling for Anxiety & Relationship Problems

I provide a confidential counselling service for individuals experiencing relationship problems and the associated issues, including anxiety.

Liberate Counselling, Wath upon Dearne, Rotherham

If you are badly affected by anxiety, I would expect you have relationship problems too. For example, if you often feel you are not able to stand up for yourself, or if you and your partner frequently fall out or there are affairs, then I expect you are also constantly worrying, overthinking, having disturbed sleep, feeling restless and even having panic attacks.

Anxiety and relationship problems go together.

All the aspects of your life could be badly affected and you might wish you could get your old life back but not know how. You might have struggled with the situation for months, hoping you can fix things but not getting anywhere.

That sounds awful!

However, you are reading this because you want to at least try something in case it helps, or have had counselling before so know it does.

Just Relationship Problems?

Relationship problems impact your life in many ways. You may also experience feeling as if you have failed to live as you or your family expected you to and have frequent 'down-days'. The life you thought you had or wanted has gone away or simply not materialised, and so you build a strong sense of dissatisfaction with how it is now.

There may also be other factors, for example if you have children, you will probably be very concerned that the fall-out does not impact too much on them.

This is Natural

I am concerned to know how hard life has become for you. Your dreams might seem to be shattered and you feel as if life as you knew it has been taken away. However, in my view, you are actually quite healthy if you are feeling terrible. You might well ask "what does he mean?"

Well, just ask yourself: "would anyone feel happy to be in my shoes right now?"

I can guess the answer - it's not rocket science.

Other Ways of Feeling Terrible

Thinking about the past makes you feel depressed, and expectations of the future, based on your experience of the past leads to a false idea it will be bleak, which intensifies anxiety, and thinking that you cannot get out of this leads to low self-esteem. Not feeling yourself makes it easier to get angry or upset because you feel tense, awful and are ready to react.

The negative and intense emotions emerging for you, though, are actually signs of the inner tension as you become aware of wanting something so badly that you have not got.

Who Can You Talk To?

You might find it difficult to find somebody to talk to because...

  • You don't want them to know - they might judge you harshly
  • You don't want to be given advice - it makes you feel small
  • You fear they might tell others who you know your secrets
  • You don't want to burden them with your troubles - you feel guilty
  • You have tried and it does not get you anywhere – what's the point?

However, keeping things to yourself can make you feel lonely and isolated.

"How Can I Help You?"

Or perhaps equally valid to that question would be the claim: "How I can help you"

Michael Underwood MBACP - Counsellor for Anxiety and Relationship Problems in Rotherham

"A safe space to share your troubles."

Michael Underwood MBACP

  • I know from personal experience that anyone can fall on hard times
  • I avoid giving advice - I believe you are the expert on you
  • You can talk freely to me because that is what you pay for
  • I do not know your circle of friends and family, so your privacy is protected
  • I am professionally-trained and experienced, having helped many people

Is talking to a stranger, someone like me, an option worth considering?

See my qualifications, experience and training to be a counsellor.

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Appointments Available

Why go on a waiting list for several months when you could begin your therapy with me within a few days of making contact?

If you are not sure about what it would be like to speak with me, I offer a free 30-minute phone consultation so you can get an idea.

See things in a new light

Recent media focus on talking about mental health is useful because not talking about issues stops you making changes.

Whoever you are, whatever troubles you have, my aim as a counsellor is to enable you to express your thoughts and feelings so you can make sense of everything and see yourself and the world in a different light. That way you will think and feel different too – better!

Counselling helps you find who you are

"I felt I could understand more about who I am and what my future expectations are."

ML - 30th March 2018

You will learn how to thoughtfully reflect and conduct yourself in ways that bring about the outcomes that lead to a more fulfilling life, not to mention waving "goodbye" to your troubles.

Counselling: it's a Counselling is a learning experienceearning experience and together we can discover who you really are – not the ideas of the past.

Coronavirus Update: although since March I have been meeting clients online or by telephone only, there are now some face-to-face sessions available. Get in touch to find out more about the safety measures in place, for that free 30-minute chat or to book a session.