Counselling Can Help You Live the Life You Truly Want

Find your confidence in therapy and live without being overcome by anxiety, anger or other issues.

I provide individual counselling in Wath upon Dearne near Rotherham. I’m a male counsellor with over 20 years of experience in mental health, now helping people get their lives back on track.

Being subject to overwhelming emotions is like being trapped in a bad dream because you see no way out. However, by starting counselling, the confidence and life you always longed for could be within your reach.

Mike Underwood MBACP Therapist
Mike Underwood MBAPC

Perhaps you’re looking for counselling because you’re stuck in a rut. Typically, you can’t stop reacting in unhelpful ways. For example, you may not speak up for yourself and feel less worthy than others. Alternatively, you might act out your frustration, upset others, and become lonely.

You may have a pessimistic view and believe you will always have the same problems. But you’re living under a delusion, a thinking error, because the perception you assumed determines your beliefs. And guess what? 

Positive change is inevitable if you engage in counselling. 

For years, I’ve been helping people gain self-understanding, increase their sense of self and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

“I felt I could understand more about who I am and what my future expectations are.”

ML 30th March 2018

Compassionate Counselling

Anyone can fall on hard times. I think it’s a fact of life, and having a downer on yourself isn’t that way out.

In my view, suffering prompts you to discover something extraordinary about yourself. Put another way, you believe you’re limited in some way, but instead, you could be enjoying life less ordinary right now.

However, so far, you may have tried to hide your distress from everyone, fearing judgement whilst desperately hoping for a miracle. Alternatively, you might have tried counselling before but didn’t feel a connection with that therapist or bought some self-help books that didn’t speak to you.

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Hiding your feelings from others can make you feel shame and isolate you when you need friends the most. And feeling trapped can create a sense of failure, leading to depressive thoughts and feelings.

If you engage in counselling, you’d have a sense that somebody was with you in the midst of your problems.

Get Urgent Relief

Anxiety and anger are natural ways to ready your body to fight or flee. But suppose your troubles are ongoing and beyond your control? In that case, you’d be permanently in survival mode and need urgent relief from the stress.

I want to help you get off that hamster wheel.

Counselling That Helps

Most people don’t know how to give you their full attention. However, I’m a born listener and able to offer deep empathy. Hence, talking to me will soon bring you back. Believe it or not, telling your story quietens the fight-or-flight response and soothes your nervous system. Also, by talking to a non-judgemental counsellor like myself, you could easily express yourself and learn to meet your needs.

“I have known Mike Underwood since his training days. He is an experienced, skilled, approachable, empathetic, and compassionate counsellor whom I highly recommend.”

Mr. D. Thompson, Bsc (Hons), DN, DNS, (RMN, RGN, EMDR practitioner, retired).

To help you, I use a well-established counselling approach that’s scientifically proven to work. It’s called Person-Centred Therapy. Eventually, you should be less stressed and find it easier to make up your mind. How would it be to have the confidence to say “no” without guilt and stay calm in situations that used to trigger you?  

A Qualified and Experienced Counsellor

I imagine you’d want to engage the services of a qualified counsellor to ensure your therapy is effective.

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy membership

You’d also be looking for someone experienced in the types of difficulties you’re having.

Well, here’s something. After decades of being an angry young man, I conquered it and my anxiety. That means I have some idea of what you might be feeling if you identify as suffering from one or both of those issues.

Also, please take advantage of my professional experience in a family support centre, helping survivors of toxic relationships recover from low self-esteem, and in NHS Occupational Health, supporting exhausted staff to deal with workplace stress.

With me, you can expect the following:

  • Get an appointment fast
  • Talk freely about anything you want
  • Have someone listen to you for a change
  • Speak with a mature male counsellor
  • Watch your stress fall away
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Whether you need to stop, understand where you are, see how you got there, or want to move on, it’s okay. I believe you know what’s best for you.

Get happy through counselling
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Free Consultation

You can have a free 30-minute consultation if you like to help you see what it’s like talking to me about your concerns. During the consultation, I will answer any questions you have about your therapy, and we could establish a way of working together that suits you. I would also hope we can identify an achievable aim for your counselling.

You could use a video app or telephone or see me in person – whichever you prefer.

Useful Information

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